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Rot & Ruin - Jonathan Maberry

In the zombie apocalypse book category, there are a few books that are always at the top of the chart, the most beloved novels that almost every zombie fan has at one point come across. Jonathan Maberry's five-book Rot & Ruin series is one of those book series that every book reader should read. This story of a group of teenagers coming of age in the years after a global zombie apocalypse is thrilling, touching, and extremely well-written. Jonathan Maberry is a master of the craft, and these books will completely steal you away from your friends and family for several weeks. The audiobooks are also fantastic, and if you dig hard enough, you can find comic books and short stories also tied into this universe. Maberry has recently expanded this universe with Broken Lands, so there's a long road ahead of you if you dive in. Highly recommend!


Make sure to fully immerse yourself in Jonathan Maberry's greater zombie universe by reading:

Broken Lands (Book Six)

Lost Roads (Book Seven)


Don't forget: the Joe Ledger action series also ties into this! 

Patient Zero: Book One of the Joe Ledger Series


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