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Hey everybody, I’m Nic. Thanks for stopping by!


Over the course of my life, I’ve held the titles of communications officer, university residence director, flight attendant, film student, barista, security guard, sandwich artist, babysitter, newspaper delivery boy, cub scout and child allowance-receiver.

Right now I’m working on earning my author badge.


I enjoy uber-nerdy conversations, lemon-flavored desserts and pretending like I can play the ukulele. I’m also irrationally afraid of bees and wasps, much to the delight of my family.


When I’m not reading or writing, you can find me scanning Craigslist for some obscure, risky ‘great deal’, obsessively preparing for the next global apocalypse, ignoring the ingredients and measurements of online recipes (often leading to culinary catastrophes), playing Dungeons & Dragons, or embarrassing my kids with my questionable accents and impersonations.

I have a long-standing love affair with world-destroying stories, especially those with a funny twist. Zombies, aliens, nuclear holocausts, EMPs, super-volcanoes, pandemics, murderous sentient spatulas and killer squirrels... you name it. The more irreverent, the better!

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