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Marvel has devoted a lot of creative energy over the years to build the Marvel Zombie storyline. In fact, Marvel has a new show coming soon on Disney Plus called What If?, and from the looks of a rotting Captain America in the trailer, it looks like Marvel Zombies might be coming to TV. Pretty cool, since Robert Kirkman (creator of The Walking Dead) is one of the authors involved.

Marvel Zombies is set in an alternate universe/timeline where a zombie apocalypse spreads across the Marvel Universe, and infects many of the original superheroes we all know and love. Most of them remain self-aware, and keep all of their memories, but they're so overwhelmed by undead hunger they can't help but hunt and eat any human being they come across, despite their growing sense of self-loathing. If you like Spider-Man, the Avengers, Hulk and all those characters, you'll have fun diving into this universe, even if it doesn't take itself too seriously. Spider-Man is a zombie, but he's still cracking jokes left right and center, for instance. But the storyline is very spread out in multiple editions of different comic book series, so it's a little hard to collect everything to read it chronologically. Instead, you can get Marvel Zombies: The Complete Collection, which has taken all of those individual comic books and compiled them chronologically into three massive graphic novels. They're super fun, and hugely re-readable also.


Marvel Zombies collection.png

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