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APOCALYPSE Z, by Manel Loureiro


The vast majority of zombie books out there are set in the United States. As much fun as these stories are, it sure is fun to step outside of North America now and then to see how the zombies gobble up other countries.


One of the all-time most popular zombie series out there, Apocalypse Z by Manel Loureiro, sets the stage for the fall of mankind in Spain, and it's a thrilling, compelling and gruesome everyman story of survival. Originally published as a fictional day-by-day blog, this incredibly popular zombie trilogy is the first-person diary of a lone survivor, an ordinary man and his pet cat as they witness the decimation of mankind after an undead plague spreads across the planet. I'm only one book into this series so far, but it's captivating. There are many, many diary-style zombie stories out there, and you can see why this format is so effective when it comes to telling post-apocalyptic stories. They really make you feel so intimately attached to the character, to his daily struggles for survival. This series is one of the building blocks of the zompoc genre, and it's definitely worth checking out.


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