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Zombie Kidz Evolution is an awesome and affordable family-friendly board game. Seriously, it's a ton of fun.


The basic concept is that you and your teammates play a bunch of kids stuck inside a school when the zombie apocalypse hits. You have to work together to barricade the building and take out any zombies that make their way inside before they overwhelm you. It's a pretty quick (20-30 minute) collaborative board game, meaning you all play together with a shared goal instead of playing against each other. It's also very easy to learn, so great for both kids and adults.

Zombie Kidz Evolution is also... ahem... evolutionary, which means the game rules change the more you play, which helps to keep it fresh, and keep players surprised and engaged with repeat plays. It's really a fantastic board game, and I totally recommend it to anybody with kids, or who's looking for a great gift for the next generation of zombie killers.


Check out Zombie Kidz Evolution right here!

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