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I mean, it's a rolling cart. It doesn't have cruise control, can't help you with your foot pain, and you can't put it in an omelet. Still, this thing is cheap, easy to assemble, looks good, and overall, has turned out to be one of my most useful recent acquisitions.

There's crap that I always default to leaving on the floor in front of the closet, because I don't have anywhere else to put it. My slippers, my backpack, a bottle of demineralized water for my Cpap machine, a backup machete, whatever. My wife gets annoyed having to step over this stuff to get to the closet. So... problem solved! Put all of your excess whatnots on a small rolling cart, and it instantly becomes tidy, and easy to move out of the way.

While I was bound to my bed after my knee surgery, this things was INVALUABLE. It stayed by my bed at all times, and gave me the extra space I needed to... well, exist. Just don't think of using this to barricade your bedroom door against zombies. It's a rolling cart, after all. It rolls.


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