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Those aren't my feet, by the way. If they were, this page would be flagged by the FBI for disturbing imagery.

I bought this pillow when I found out I would be bed-ridden for several weeks, and knew I would need to elevate my injured knee. I wanted to get something better, and more ergonomic than a bunch of old, lumpy pillows.

So glad I got this. When you use it, whether lying down or sitting up with your back propped up against the headboard, you're way more comfortable. My back hurts less if I'm stuck in bed for several hours and I've been using this. And even when I'm not, it makes a pretty good stand for a laptop, or a tray of food, whatever. It's surprisingly firm, but soft enough that it won't compromise your circulation.

Yes, you can do other stuff with this pillow. But that's for me to imagine, and you to experiment with. Please don't send me pictures.


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