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LapGear Lap Desk


I snatched up the LapGear Home Office Lap Desk on Amazon, and it was exactly what I needed. When you're lying in bed, it keeps your laptop's heat away from your crotch, which is probably good if you care at all about your fertility. Not that I'm even remotely interested in reproduction anymore. Maybe I should just park that old, scorching-hot computer right on there, without a heat barrier, and Crock-Pot anything I have below the belt, just to play it safe. Just nuke it all away. I haven't found anything on WebMD advising against neutering yourself with a hot laptop, so thank you, internet. If anybody else needs a cheap alternative to a vasectomy, this may be the ticket.


Anyway, if you do care about your gonads, this lap desk is comfortable, well-designed, useful, and pretty cheap. If you like to use your computer in bed or on the couch, this is the way to go. It beats the heck out of using a phonebook, a pile of dirty laundry, or a member of your family. Check it out, RIGHT HERE.

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