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I've upped my slovenly office workout routine lately by setting up a Cubii Jr. underdesk elliptical in my home office, which I can lazily pedal while writing. I do still have my awesome folding bike desk, but I needed to find something a little more low-key to keep my circulation going during my lengthier, more passive writing sessions. It's actually kind of perfect, because I'm an annoyingly fidgety guy who always finds it hard to sit still for long. But this thing allows me to redirect most of my nervous energy straight into my feet.


There's no way I could ever hope to break a sweat on this ultra-silent, super-smooth machine, although to anybody chatting with me over Zoom, my slow, rhythmical pumping movements probably look like I'm doing something super inappropriate below the camera. Pro tip: always keep your hands visible and refrain from sighing when you're using this while on a video call, especially if you're chatting with teenage or elderly relatives. Whatever. You burn about a quarter of the calories you would using a real treadmill with one of these machines, so it's probably akin to walking, exercise-wise. Still, it's way better than sitting still and letting blood pool in your legs while you scarf down corn chips, Skittles, and Korean pork jerky, so I'm sold.


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